SingNet doesn’t like Slicehost too much. I’ve been having some troubles connecting to the host. There’s a 20% chance that the request would time out. It’s like 15 of SingNet systems aren’t working.

Other Singaporeans like pkchukiss and Jeremy encounter similar problems with we earlier discussed in Slicehost forums. Both of them mentioned they mailed the technical support so I guess I’ll just wait and see.

Basically, there’s some problems with the internet backbone (probably the C6 cervical vertebrae or something). After randomly tracerouting and pinging here and there, it appears SingNet’s machines aren’t properly configured to a SingTel node.


When with Media Temple, this blog takes ages to load, but at least it loads. With Slicehost, this blog loads quickly and that is if it actually loads.

Are there any other Slicehost users in Singapore?

[The problem appears to be resolved.]

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