Adobe Reader 9 is full of crap. It comes with embedded Flash support, bundled with Adobe AIR and some crap Safari extension or something that didn’t work too well.

Adobe Reader 5 or 6 is probably the best Adobe Reader. Subsequent Adobe Readers are merely products to keep Adobe engineers busy so that they won’t get fired just because they have nothing to program on.

The install process take farking bloody long and is powered by iNOSSO. Since when does ads creep into installers. Is Adobe that in need of money?

Then they attempt to bundle the eBay desktop program, please don’t install that crap. The last thing you ever need is to install more crap after installing crap.

Adobe Reader even asks you to restart your computer after installation. I NEVER restart my Windows Vista after an installation. Get real. It runs for 10 days straight and I’m not going to restart it till the next Windows Update.

Adobe Reader 9

(includes on Adobe AIR)

It’s bigger, it’s crappier and all it does is to read some documents. It doesn’t edit, it just displays the file. What’s up with the file size increase, the AIR inclusion and the bad install experience. It installed Adobe Help Viewer 1.1 and install another version of Adobe Update just because the new one can’t be compatible with CS3.

I recall installing Office 2007, it lets you select what you want, have a good customizable installation experience. And it doesn’t even ask you to restart your system.

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