Aptana acquires Pydev. Pydev is an Eclipse plugin.

Aptana Acquires Pydev to add Python Support to Studio

We are very excited to announce that Pydev, the popular Python and Jython IDE, is now part of the Aptana product family and that Pydev creator, Fabio Zadronzy, will head up continued efforts to advance Pydev as part of the Aptana team. Like our products for Ruby on Rails, Ajax, and PHP, Pydev offers code completion, refactoring, code analysis, debugging support, and lots lots more. Pydev’s popularity in the Python community and Eclipse ecosystem made it the clear choice for Aptana. The acquisition sets the stage for a full Python suite of products and services ranging from local development to cloud deployment. (Source: Aptana)

Aptana is pretty neat. I use it for PHP and Ruby on Rails last time. But I didn’t find the syntax highlighting as good as Eclipse PDT and syntax highlighting is one of the main reasons I switched away. Pydev is pretty good already, lately they don’t have much significant updates.

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