I own another blog and I haven’t been updating much there. I have about erm 1700 posts there. But many are YouTube videos and it’s getting a little sick. Plus I made a lot of mistakes there that perhaps I’ll speak out one day. The blog contains memories good and bad. This is perhaps a new start.

And it starts with 2.5 WordPress. Very slick and pretty version of WordPress, I find myself fondling the buttons to more often now. It’s amazing how an interface change could get me excited again.

We always need facelifts, don’t we? These little changes re-motivates us. Even if you have a spouse, you would want little changes. Maybe simple changes like:

  • He or she brought you to the movies again after 10 years.
  • Dress up specially for an occasion you thought no longer mattered – read anniversary.
  • Start talking to your friends instead of pretending to be invisible.
  • Erm, dye some hair? I don’t know.

Many things can re-ignite interest. The same with blogging. And the same applies to work, school and life. Work can be addictive. School can be addictive. And lastly, life should be addictive.

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