CakePHP 1.2 comes with in built PagesController which helps you easily create static pages. It’s easy to set up, you just have to put your pages view in /views/pages/. All the codes are for routes.php.

[code lang=“php”]<?php

View is in /views/pages/home.ctp

Router::connect(‘/’, array(‘controller’ => ‘pages’, ‘action’ => ‘display’, ‘home’));


The page title ($pageTitle) would be ‘Home’ for the above.

If you want your URL to be /about/my-company, you can do the following:

[code lang=“php”]<?php

View is in /views/pages/about/my_company.ctp

Router::connect( ‘/about/my-company’, array( ‘controller’ => ‘pages’,

‘action’ => ‘display’,






The page title would be ‘My Company’ this time since underscores are converted to spaces. Pretty useful.

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