It’s been an awful weekend for me couple of days ago. I had spicy food on Saturday evening and my sore throat gotten worse.

So on the same evening, my mom bought this Chinese super-secret herbal tea prepared by the Chinese medicine hall that supposed to eliminate streptococci (okay maybe that’s just my imagination). I drank the whole bottle and felt like I was floating. It’s like one of those Willy Wonka chocolate experience gone awry.

At 9 in the evening, I was feeling really dizzy to the point I couldn’t walk straight and my tummy felt like it’s a washing machine tumbling turning all the food all over. I vomited a little and figured I should probably get to a doctor.

I went there with help. My mom was apologetic the entire journey despite my constant reassurance that it’s really no one’s fault here. The doctor went on a five minute lament on how these Chinese medicine contain so much impurities and are not advisable for consumption. I couldn’t even register what he says, he just went on and on as my head felt dizzy. He even added the dairy products incident and – erm he just hates China.

We left and my mom daren’t let me consume these Chinese medicine again.

I probably had food poisoning. I am okay now. On a brighter note, my sore throat seemed to disappear along with the food poisoning too.

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