The difference between Day 2 and Day 1 of BroadcastAsia is that Day 1 is kinda boring, and Day 2 is kinda more boring. I walked around the whole place got a lot of pamphlets that I later decide not to keep.

I took a lot of pictures by the way, but I’m lazy to log out of Ubuntu to go into Windows to load the pictures and blah. Probably post all the photographs up tomorrow.

I walked over to CommunicAsia 2008 too, it had a boring logo.

And I walked to the CG Overdrive thing too, it had a boring logo too.

What I like about the something-Asia exhibition is the amount of foreigners present. I like foreigners, like to see people from all over the world come together, even if it’s just passing by.

But what I don’t like is this distinguish-ment between local and overseas visitors. The overseas visitor had some sort of lounge and the local visitors don’t have a lounge as far as I notice. Whoever planned for this sort of missed the point of being international. Appears to be a poor joke when all the halls have overseas lounges and there’s nothing for the locals. And by the way, Norway has the most amazing lounge.

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