As you all know, today is not Mother’s Day. It’s tomorrow but we pretended it’s today. We got our dad along to celebrate too so it became Parents’ Day.

And yup, we went to Sakae Sushi at West Mall to have our dinner.

So many people thought that it’s Mother’s Day today!

I like conveyor belt food even though most of the food that comes out it always taken by the family sitting in front of and behind us.

I had their premium bento. There’s nothing to premium about actually. It’s just a name. I like tempura prawns and agedashi tofu. I have a picture of adegashi tofu somewhere in my computer but I couldn’t find it now, maybe my computer ate it or something.

It was a filling meal. My parents didn’t quite like Japanese food unfortunately. It disappoints me a little because I quite enjoyed Japanese food. I think I’m enjoy more than them. As a consolation, they did like the fried chicken but that’s not really uniquely Japan.

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