Things aren’t going that smoothly again. Even learning seemed a little harder. I’ve been reading more on my studies this couple of days. Computer architecture’s not the thing for me, I don’t like the diagrams, the length explanations and the nonsensical abbreviations.

I spend a good amount of time disliking it. Think about it:

  • I complained to friends about it even though they can’t help.
  • I closed websites that have computing information 2 minutes after I look at them.
  • Spend a night pretending I am reading about RAM when my mind is just thinking about something else…
  • Writing this blog entry

Oh, here’s some ram:

I like the one bending down. Bah… (Source: Wikipedia)

But all this time spend on complaining brought me no where. It only bring me more misery. Eventually, as the exam nears, I still sit down, open my book or browser and started reading (rather unwillingly). Things get along okay, got a little better. I can’t say I understand RAM still, I still think about sheep when I read RAM but at least things are moving along. At least I can say I learnt something at the end of the day.

Sometimes I wish someone could just explain these stuff to me. But everyone’s busy, and if you look at things from a different perspective, it may also mean there is no one who would prioritize me over their work.

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