Google Reader is a blessing, it works on all major browsers and is really useful for users who have multiple computers. If you mark a post as read, your post is marked read on any other computer you log in from. And that’s the main reason why I use Google Reader.

But Google Reader is always a struggle between productivity at work and, well, you know, just slacking. When I am at it, I just read and read and can spend hours on just a bloody RSS reader which is really sad in a way. It’s almost as if God created me to read RSS feeds and mark them as my favorites so it would appear pretty on FriendFeed or something.

Here’s how I combat my productivity problem:


I previous sort my feeds in tags like technology, blogs, social, funny and blah blah… First thing I did is to remove all the RSS feeds that I typically just skim through. So bye bye Boing Boing and Engadget. I figured one day that any really amazing gadget would end up at (which by the way is my whole new playground to waste time at) or (my ex).

Today I sort my Google Reader categories in what I think I most like to read at the top, i.e. essentials. Light reads are things that aren’t heavy and are still quite informative. Nosy reads are my friend’s blogs. I syndicate far too many of them and after a while, I noticed my friends are blogging more and more of their private stuff and it almost seem like I am spying on my neighbor applying her face mask.

Thinkers are feeds that makes you think. They’re heavy reads and I put them at the bottom to save myself from potentially balding before thirty. Xtras are a bunch of feeds that I really shouldn’t start reading.

Tagging feeds by frequency of reading sort of helped me read RSS feeds better. Maybe you could try it too.

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