If you just want to download the latest Django trunk package, you can just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on Download in other formats: Zip Archive.

I use an SVN tool called TortoiseSVN to commit projects. The same tool can be used to check out the Django source code. By ‘check out’, what you are doing to retrieving a copy of the Django source code from the online repository.

As Django hasn’t reach 1.0, new features are being rolled out very quickly. These new features deprecate some older ones and adds new things to your to-play list. It’s always good to have the latest version. You can grab it through the SVN trunk.

First you’ll need a copy of TortoiseSVN. The latest version as of writing is TortoiseSVN 1.4.8 which you can download it here.

After installation, you’ll see that TortoiseSVN integrates 2 additional function into your Windows right click menu. Let’s create a folder called ‘django_trunk’. It is where all the Django source files will go into.


Select SVN Checkout… Enter the URI ‘http://code.djangoproject.com/svn/django/trunk/' and click OK and TortoiseSVN will start downloading for you.


The great thing about TortoiseSVN is when you want to update your Django, you can just right click and choose ‘SVN Update’. It checks and download the new or updated files. It also deletes files from the ‘django_trunk’ folder if the file is no longer found in the latest revision. Have fun.


TortoiseSVN works in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. I would advise that you do not check out the Django trunk in your Program Files as Windows Vista doesn’t like that.

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