Take a look at all the wires around my computer. I have wires for the modem, the router, the computer, the netbook, the external hard disk, the iPod, the cable television thingy and all my other computer peripherals:

All the wires around my computer

At one point of time I actually wanted to wireless most of my computer set up. I started with the keyboard and mouse set up. I bought one of those wireless desktop set from Microsoft. It worked but not all the time.

There was this slight lag when typing, probably a 0.1 second lag but it’s there and I feel it. It’s enough to make to prefer wires. I talked to Uzyn that time he encountered a similar problem too. Once in a while, the mouse wouldn’t really response and that ticks me off greatly (when I couldn’t click and hold to select my units on the screen successfully).

As you can see much of my computer table is made of metal and that probably affected the wireless to some extend. Today I live with the wires. Things are really messy but at least they work. Wireless? No thanks.

[By the way, the elongated cylindric thing is a CD holder and does not contain beer.]

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