I just realized I’m alive. This blog is mainly to blog about all things related to code, some observations and perhaps just something I – you know – just realized. Things can be related to work, school or my personal life. I swear I won’t infest this blog with YouTube videos. I’ll try to have as little as possible.

About I

I am schooling in a little known university, working in a little known company. We’re all here in hopes of making a difference in the society. I feel insecure about my future; however it is this insecurity that sort of made me work harder.

Some little facts about me:

  1. I blog from Singapore
  2. Remembering numbers is not really my thing.
  3. I code in PHP, but have a secret – okay, not really ‘secret’ any more – interest to Python.
  4. I find it harder to talk to people these days, seems like I am closing up or something. I don’t know why too but I wish to change that.
  5. My favorite food is possibly Japanese-based. Sushi and stuff.
  6. Sometimes I feel sick after getting excited about technology.
  7. I like the number 7. I dislike number 8.

When I am not in front of the computer, I’m probably walking or thinking alone.

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