Examinations (find posts tagged ‘examinations’) have yet to begin. I have yet to study (even though I planned to but you know you know) for anything. Yet I’m already looking forward to after examinations already. Here’s a list of what to do after the examinations:

  • Go do some exercise: I haven’t done any since a really long time. I just sit in front of my computer and type.
  • Get back some money: Well, this is a little personal, so…
  • Figure out how to set up an Ubuntu server: This is more for personal learning. It will have Lighttpd, Ubuntu, Python and MySQL, I call it LUMP, haha… And I hope to do something interesting with it too. We shall see.
  • Settle some work: Unfortunately, some of my work is incomplete. I have yet to tie some loose ends and I’ve been really slow in these.
  • Find back my friends: I have neglected them. I’m too busy with my work and school and some self studying. I never met a single friend that is not my classmate or workmate for the past 1.5 months.

Now, back to studying for exams. Oh ya… Before that, I have a comic to share regarding friends:

Friends are important

See how important friends are? I don’t know who is the artist for the comic unfortunately. I got it through an email.

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