To remind people that Pizza Hut also has pasta, Pizza Hut is temporarily changing its name to Pasta Hut.

Pizza Hut rebrands to Pasta Hut

Fifty-year-old restaurant chain Pizza Hut is temporarily changing its name to Pasta Hut in a radical £100m relaunch.

Although it plans to keep the same number of pizzas on the menu, from this week Pizza Hut will introduce eight pasta dishes across its 700 restaurants to support its new positioning. Nine restaurants will change their signage immediately.

Pizza Hut marketing director Claudia Nicholls-Magielsen said it was making the change because research showed that consumers wanted more variety when eating out, and that, on average, the British public ate more pasta than pizza. ‘We want to be as famous for our pastas as we are for our pizzas,’ she explained.

Nicholls-Magielsen admitted that the move was a ‘bit of a shock tactic’ designed to ‘get people to feel differently about Pizza Hut’. (Source: Brand Rebublic)


That, by the way, is the problem of choosing a name that is too specialized like Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut (both have same management). Every one knows you make chicken, that’s great but once they feel like eating something like fish or beef, they most certainly won’t think of you. Same goes with Pizza Hut, if I am going to have pasta, I probably go to Pastamania or something. Just because they remind me of pasta. Pastamania sells pizzas too but I always forget they do.

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