Indonesian ISP to block YouTube and MySpace? Banning the whole portal just for one video is just like barring our Indonesians from entering Singapore just because one guy is a terrorist.

Indonesian ISPs Block YouTube And MySpace

Another day, another country blocks YouTube (and MySpace, for good measure). According to Gulfnews, five Indonesian ISPs have blocked, on government’s request, YouTube and MySpace because of an anti-Islam film Fitna, created by Dutch filmmaker Geert Wilders. Official ban reason: the movie ‘could disturb relations between faiths.‘

This is not the first time that Fitna has caused controversy; after being rejected by all Dutch TV stations, Wilders simply uploaded the file via LiveLeak.

Indonesia has around 150 ISPs, so it might still be possible to access YouTube and MySpace if you’re living there, but it’s likely that all ISPs will block the sites until the ban is lifted.

Source: Mashable

I think if they had spoken nicely to YouTube people, they could have made some arrangements to filter out ‘Fitna’ or something. Banning the whole site is simply overkill.

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