Met up with army guys yesterday. Not many turned up. This time’s organizer is Ronald and he did not have an easy time organizing the event. And the location this time is Martin’s friend’s restaurant – Swiss Culture.

Typical with meeting guys – lateness. Almost everyone is late and everyone thinks everyone’s going to be late and they’re so right. Everyone was present an hour later and we ordered some stuff.

Swiss Culture’s pretty famous for their wings. Golden fried chicken wings:

Golden fried chicken wings

Ronald really likes his cheese, he ordered cheesy pasta with mushroom. It looked quite nice already, I was imagining a horrible pile of… Nevermind.

Cheesy pasta with mushroom

Delon has meat platter, one of Swiss Culture’s recommendations.

I had pork sausage. It wasn’t really filling.

Pork sausage

We also tried the oil fondue with seafood. You’re presented uncooked seafood and you put the seafood into this pot of oil. The pot resembles one of those chocolate fondue pots. I fried calamari and salmon. Also deep fry the already fried french fries.

The food is good and we enjoyed ourselves. Didn’t join them further for movies. Too tired already. You can find Swiss Culture at Suntec City, Tropics, level 3.

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