Was at Wikipedia checking out more information about Linux distributions when I chance upon an article on Ubuntu distributions.

  • gNewSense is designed for users who wish to use only free software. It is officially supported and recommended by the Free Software Foundation. The project has also produced a set of scripts that allow anyone to create a free distribution.
  • Goobuntu is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that Google uses internally. It is not released outside Google.
  • gOS early versions used the Enlightenment window manager, featuring Google Apps and other web-based applications.
  • Linux Mint’s purpose is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable Linux desktop based on Ubuntu.

There’s so much distributions. They are all unofficial distributions by the way. And some are religion-related:

  • _Ubuntu Christian Edition_ (also referred to as Ubuntu CE) is a distribution designed for Christians. The first version of Ubuntu Christian Edition was announced on 24 July 2006.4 Ubuntu Christian Edition features fully integrated web content parental controls powered by DansGuardian, as well as a graphical tool to adjust the parental control settings specifically developed for Ubuntu Christian Edition, and includes several popular Bible Study Programs such as GnomeSword.
  • _Ubuntu Muslim Edition_ (also referred to as Ubuntu ME) is a distribution designed for Muslims. Ubuntu Muslim Edition is a free, open source operating system based on Ubuntu. Its main feature is the inclusion of Islamic software, such as prayer times, a Qur’an study tool and a web content filtering utility.
  • _Ubuntu Satanic Edition_ (also referred to as Ubuntu SE) is a series of dark themes for Ubuntu, and a parody of Ubuntu Christian Edition. It’s not a derivative distro, the themes can be installed on any Gnome or KDE based distro.

 I laughed when I saw Ubuntu Christian Edition which is now, by the way, suspended:

After much struggle, debate, and prayer we have decided to temporarily suspend the Ubuntu CE Project. There are many reason for this decision. You can read and discuss more about this decision here. (Source: Ubuntu Christian Edition)

Now, what would Jesus download now?

Along with the standard Ubuntu applications, Ubuntu Christian Edition includes the best available Christian software. The latest release contains GnomeSword, BibleMemorizer, the e-Sword Installer with Module Manager, The Word Installer, Firefox Web Browser with Bible Fox Theme and the WhatWouldJesusDownload Toolbar, and much more. (Source: Ubuntu Christian Edition)

I dislike additional toolbars. No Google, no MSN, no Yahoo, and not WhatWouldJesusDownload.

I just wonder why people don’t stick with their official Ubuntu and just install the additional applications. Why do they have to start a new distribution just for that?

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