Got cheated by McDonald’s again. I have the tendency of wanting to try something new. And each time McDonald’s roll out something different and brand it with the word new I’ll just walk in knowingly and stupidly and order whatever that’s on their promotion poster.

Kung Fu Panda Feast of Fury. No idea how pandas and spicy food are related but it didn’t matter I guess. I, the silly consumer, just bought a meal. Thought feast of fury would have some panda meat or something. They serve chicken. Cold.

Here’s how it look like. For a great price of 7 bucks, you get 6 spicy nuggets and possibly 8 onion rings. You will trade your fries for the 8 onion rings for trying’s sake.

Miserable quantity. The food is pretty good though. I enjoyed it for less than 10 minutes. Finish the food within ten.

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