I went out of my house only to receive a message stating that no one is at the company. So I went to McDonald’s to have some food. I rarely have breakfast. Anyway I decide to give McGriddles Sausage and egg a try since it look so good from the advertisements.

Well, it looks like this in reality:

McGriddles Sausage and egg


Looks much better in the advertisements:

McGriddles breakfast advertisement

McGriddles is okay, although I would personally prefer McMuffin ‘cause McGriddles taste a little too sweet for my liking. I guess I didn’t like sweet tasting breads. It tastes like hotcakes with the sausage McMuffin fillings. If you stay undecided if hotcakes or McMuffin should be your breakfast, consider McGriddles, you kill 2 breads with one stone.

But it’s not as bad as KFC where the staff, I suspect, made little attempt to make their food resemble the ads. My food always look kinda sad when I open it up. And they have a proportion problem too. Food in KFCs ads look bigger. I say those actors in KFC ads have smaller hands. Then they place all the ingredients at the direction where the camera is facing. If you take a picture from behind, there probably is no fillings there.

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