Just saw this at WordPress hosting page. I supposed they sort of recommend these hosts and Media Temple is the second on the list.


“Hosting that’s ready for traffic spikes. Start your new blog on a clustered hosting platform that’s ready for you to hit the big time. Whether you reach the front page of Digg or get an unexpected shout-out on Oprah, your blog will always be available. Get started right-away with our WordPress 2.5 one-click installer and enough high-speed storage and bandwidth to run a blogging empire.”

If you have to reading my blog, you probably know that I am not too happy with Media Temple these days.

I lost a lot of faith in them when they have storage issues. Sometimes I can’t reach my own blog. But I got really mad when they claimed that my databases are overloaded or something.


From the above, they claim:

  • Hosting that’s ready for traffic spikes
  • ready for Digg
  • ready for Oprah shoutouts
  • high-speed storage
  • run a blogging empire

You know what, the above’s probably all true – if you get their most expensive plan, complex hosting or something. Because I certainly don’t see it from the grid service plan.

Well, if you still would like to go for Media Temple and would be kind enough, consider quoting ‘RYNSE.COM’ without quotes as your referrer. This would give me a bit of discount for my yearly subscriptions. Hopefully they would grow better.

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