My computer’s a little cranky these days. I can’t pin point to any device that might have been the cause of such faults. I turn on my computer and had this waiting waiting circular mouse cursor telling me to wait. I can’t do a thing even the legendary control-alternate-delete didn’t work.

It went okay after that with everything coming up at the same time. Just two minutes ago, I clicked on Eclipse PHP and it just launch. I thought these things supposed to be instantaneous. Okay, at least near.

But the worst thing is perhaps with random Windows Explorer crashes and Safari crashes. I understand why Safari crashes, the animals probably ran wild but why Explorer. I am beginning to suspect TortoiseSVN or some shell integration software.

I’m thinking of reinstalling my computer now. And I just reinstall it 3 weeks ago. Yes I’m using Windows Vista. Yes I know I know. Get a Mac right? Yeah yeah…

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