Previous Nvidia CEO criticized Intel’s graphic offerings, calling them a joke. Now it’s Roy Taylor’s turn. Roy Taylor, as we all don’t know, is Nvidia’s vice president of content relations (What?).

From: Roy Taylor [] 

Sent: 10 April 2008 23:36

Subject: The best job in the world.

Guys I have the best job in the world. Official. I cant tell you how much fun we’re having here right now.

I don’t know how much this will mean to you all but for those that don’t know a war has just started that will likely be written about for years and which will affect everyone who owns a PC. Everyone.

Basically the CPU is dead. Yes, that processor you see advertised everywhere from Intel. Its run out of steam. The fact is that it no longer makes anything run faster. You don’t need a fast one anymore. This is why AMD is in trouble and its why Intel are panicking. They are panicking so much that they have started attacking us. This is because you do still [need] one chip to get faster and faster – the GPU. That GeForce chip. Yes honestly. No I am not making this up. You are my friends and so I am not selling you. This shit is just interesting as hell.

Today your PC plays video (its our chip that makes that work), you play games (its our chip that makes that work), you rip movies (yup our chip again) – you get the picture?

Today we hit back at Intel this is what the press are saying, I thought you’d be interested… (Source: The Inquirer)


Let’s the fight continue. Intel’s definitely going into the graphics market whether Nvidia wants it or not.

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