RFC 1178 is Choosing a Name for Your Computer. RFC stands for Request For Comment.

If you so believe a computer name ought to be perfect (or maybe even standardized within your organization), consider reading the document:

Read RFC 1178.

Status of this Memo

This FYI RFC is a republication of a Communications of the ACM article on guidelines on what to do and what not to do when naming your computer. This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify any standard.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


In order to easily distinguish between multiple computers, we give them names. Experience has taught us that it is as easy to choose bad names as it is to choose good ones. This essay presents guidelines for deciding what makes a name good or bad.

Keywords: domain name system, naming conventions, computer administration, computer network management

Choosing names of computers are quite important. My netbook used to be called AspireOne and every time I use the school network, there’s someone with the same name. Then there’ll be this annoying pop up box informing me someone is already using that name.

Today, my netbook’s name is “IMTHE1ANDONLY”. Don’t copy cat.

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