I probably be post some quotations in a more regular basis. I never want to lose these quotations and I like them a lot.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.

– Dorothy Thompson

It’s often fear that stops us from trying out. We live in an intricate world with (near) limitless opportunities begging for us to explore.

Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy Thompson (9 July 1893, Lancaster, New York – January 30, 1961, Portugal) was an American journalist, who was noted by Time magazine in 1939 as one of the two most influential women in America, the other being Eleanor Roosevelt.

She is notable as the first American journalist to be expelled from Nazi Germany (in 1934), and as the inspiration for Katharine Hepburn’s character “Tess Harding” in the film Woman of the Year (1942). (Source: Wikipedia)

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