This came in rather recent and I was kinda shock when I see this. Our bills rise up to 300SGD. That’s quite a high amount. Our bills hover around 200SGD and never really rise that high.

Water and electricity bills are on the rise

I’m aware that the money suckers tweaked the charges yet again citing rising costs and blah blah. We just pay it I guess. I am surprised yet a little guilty. This month, I almost didn’t switch off my computer at all.

I had this strange computer problem that gives me a Primary Master Hard Disk Error each time I turn on the computer and I had to switch on and off several times before the Hard Disk can be correctly read. That always kinda scared me so I didn’t dare switch off my computer with the fear that I never get to turn it on back. It is especially at such times when I need my computer that I switched it on twenty-four seven. On best record, it went on for 22 days and 3 hours without a single restart. No, I am not operating a server, thank you.

I’m running Windows Vista Business edition by the way, as much as people say it’s unstable and stuff, I find it really stable. I wasn’t able to run 22 days straight with my Windows XP.

Anyway, back to my bills. I’m wondering if I didn’t switch off my computer, my bills would increase that much.


It doesn’t help that my brother contribute to water wastage by letting the water run and run even though he does not need it. He just like it flowing when he’s in the bathroom. Maybe he likes the condensation, I don’t know.

But we had it pretty bad last month. We’re starting to evaluating our options, maybe using less aircon or maybe replacing a refrigerator that’s been rather old. But in future, we will look at more energy saving home appliances.

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