It’s the first Python User Group meeting in Singapore. It’s interesting to see that the number of people using Python in Singapore (we’re a population of 4.5 million when I last counted with my fingers).

Let me first say I’m not really a Python programmer developer. I work with PHP more but Python has always been interesting for me mainly because of the beauty in the syntax. I probably would blog more about it in future (not near).

Anyhow, the Singapore Python User Group is organized by several Republic Polytechnic lecturers, mainly teaching Diploma in Interactive & Digital Media. Two of the courses that in the diploma actually uses Python – Multimedia Programming I and II. I think Temasek Polytechnic has a little bit of Python in this shell scripting course too.

The first meetup is mainly a sharing session, the later part of the meetup broke in lightning talks ala Barcamp. There is also mention of PyCon Singapore 2010. I hope things would work out right. Things should be interesting.

I figured I should too mentioned that there are women present in this meetup and they are not PR people.

The meetup finished at 7 where I rush home for dinner. Met Jonathan on my way out of SMU and we chatted a little. And yeah, he didn’t know what’s Python.

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