I do not really know what’s going on much. Something bad happened. Anyway, I was more curious on how, a WordPress password protected post, get indexed by Google.

And so she spoke:

  1. apologies to all the folks who requested for the password for my password protected posts today.. i’m afraid i had to remove them because there is an error with my wordpress theme that only allows the password to be used once. strange thing, that is. oh well. i guess i’m just not meant to rant under cover : (Source: Quaintly)

Seems like WordPress password protection can be foiled by a lousy theme.

Nothing wrong with WordPress itself I guess. On a side note regarding password protected posts, no one should ever trust a piece of software too much. Security flaws get reported now and then and software is something that has the right to be released with flaws. Software is a faith-based product, consumers use software knowing that there are bugs and have faith that the developers would fix it as quick as they can.

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