I just watched the film Appleseed (アップルシード) by Shinji Aramaki (荒牧 伸志 Aramaki Shinji) who does design related stuff for Fullmetal Alchemist and one of those Naruto movies. Appleseed or Appurushîdo is a Japanese anime movie. It’s mainly 3D with character arts looking 2D to retain some sort of anime styling.

As usual, the poster:

Appleseed is a film about…

Panda thinking emoticon

Well… It’s an action anime film. The plot is a little… fuzzy. I think it’s about some alternate-human race that can’t reproduce because one scientist didn’t let them. Yeah, shit happens. But anyway, this alternate race and the human race sort of coexist together in one faction. At the more selfish faction, humans did not want this alternate race.

Humans are portrayed as selfish humans in this film (as with many other Japanese science fiction). But ultimate, the protagonist manages (of course) to overturn the situation and peace was eventually restored. This is not a spoiler, it’s one of those things you can deduce once you look at the poster and read the first two lines of the plot summary at the back of the DVD cover.

My crap review on Appleseed

Appleseed is one of those movies you watch for the effects, the blasting and robot animations are nearly top-notch if not for some rather obvious gravity defying quirks. The film is not easily predictable, I tried to guess what will happen next but I’m always wrong. Something different will just happen.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on half the time. It is obvious to me that whoever did the character design didn’t bother to draw men nicely. They rather put him into some robotic suit like the poster above so you won’t see his face and then the plot goes on to elaborate that he’s a some bioroid thingy and doesn’t have a face. The rest of the men are all old geezer that looked like they… Well, never mind.

If women are your thing, this film lacks it too. There’s like 3 distinct women in the film, the nicest looking one is included in this post, you can scroll up. (No, it’s not the panda.)

Appleseed Spoiler

This is a spoiler, but just something I couldn’t figure out.

At the end of the film, Deunan was keying the password to deactivate big-ass robot, she keyed in ‘HITOM’, but before she couldn’t reach for the ‘I’ on the keyboard which is the last letter. And she called for her mom (passed away) to help her. And magically the ‘I’ appeared and “HITOMI” was keyed in. It was a huh moment for me. I went back to the scene and still don’t understand what just happened. As a developer, I think it’s a bug. No really, what happened?

Some additional notes

I think Appleseed costs the Japanese 10 million to make. It’s amazing how the 10 million is spent. The scenes and animation are good. I will say it’s a well-spent budget. Did you note Briareos’ tattoo has “Cogito Ergo Sum”? (I think, therefore I am.)

Don’t watch it with English dubs, it’s more disgusting then someone picking his nose.

Appleseed also has a sequel called Appleseed Ex Machina which I probably watch next week since the DVD is lying on the coffee table. It appears to have nicer graphics.

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