TheUnixGeek compiled a list of salaries of programmers. It’s of course not reflective in Singapore but it’s interesting to do some comparison as always. All salaries are in United States currency.

Programming Languages

  • Objective-C: $82,000
  • C++: $80,000
  • TCL: $80,000
  • C#: $79,000
  • Java: $79,000
  • Python: $78,000
  • Perl: $77,000
  • Ruby: $74,000
  • JavaScript: $72,000
  • Delphi: $64,000
  • PHP: $64,000
  • Visual Basic: $64,000
  • C: $60,000

Objective C? Erm… Okay, don’t think we use that a lot in Singapore. And well, I search some additional languages just for fun. COBOL programmers are said to be paid $72,000. ActionScript, an average of $73,000. Lisp people get $77,000. And of course, I can’t help it but to search for FORTRAN, apparently those people are still in demand – $75,000. I used to do FORTRAN for 4 months. I cried every day.

Fatty frog crying emoticon

No for loops.

Operating Systems

  • GNU/Linux: $86,000
  • Microsoft Windows: $55,000
  • Mac OS X: $51,000

I didn’t expect Linux programmers to be so valuable. But I guess it’s probably something to do with the fact that it is harder to code, hehe…


  • Win32: $86,000
  • Tcl/Tk: $81,000
  • Qt: $76,000
  • GTK+: $75,000
  • .NET: $71,000 ($75,000 for “Visual Studio”)
  • Cocoa: $43,000 ($60,000 for “Mac Programming”)

Well, anyway, the list is not really accurate of course. Still an interesting read. Makes me think a little about supply and demand. COBOL is such a terrible language but still some banks are using it. No school teaches COBOL now making those developers high in demand. In Singapore, PHP isn’t taught in schools so naturally the demand is higher than say Java and .NET developers.

So if you’re thinking of embarking on your programming language, try out a few, find one which syntax you really like. If you found yourself really liking Java, please try again. Anyway, be good at that one, but be prepared to switch. Especially in Singapore where we have generalization-over-specialization crap our country appears to be promoting. Be jack of all trades, master of none, our government seemingly imply.

I used to work on PHP in Singapore and now I’m a JavaScript developer.

(Look, I said ‘seemingly imply’, so don’t sue me.)

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