I was trying to login to SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) student portal and was greeted with the following:

SIM Electronic Course Evaluation feedback

Electronic Course Evaluation (eCE) system

Dear SIM student,

As a student of the SIM, you are invited to give your feedback and evaluate the SIM in the areas of academic and Programme management. Your inputs are very important in helping us assess the overall success of the programme and improve our level of service to you.

Thank you.

Pamela Tan

Divisional Director

Student Care and Academic Services

The course evaluation system is compulsory. This pisses me off. I hate to fill in forms. If I don’t fill the bloody form I can’t access the student portal. And no, logging in and out didn’t work. I’m just stuck at this ‘invitation’ all over again. I have 2 options:

  1. Call the admin to retract the invitation
  2. Do the invitation


You know which one I’ll pick – I guess the latter… I hate to call offices too.

Fatty frog crying

The document continues to elaborate:

The eCE will replace the traditional pen and paper medium and it has the following benefits:

  • will not take up your class time
  • allow you to give us candid feedback at your convenience
  • you have more time to reflect on your comments

Somehow I rather they take my class time… This is not a benefit. It’s waste my time at home. If I will most certainly give candid feedback on the feedback system. Honestly, I totally lost faith in these feedback forms. I don’t see a point doing something I don’t believe in.

Feedback forms are lies, they’re like 10% effective. The rest of the pie goes to factors like money, time, social issues and blah blah. For example, you complain at your “candidest” that this lecturer sucks. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to them to decide what to do. Firing a lecturer means that they have to find a new one, they may not find one, and even if they do, who’s to guarantee the new one’s better. Assuming that the lecturer knows the administration people (they do to a certain extend), the admin people may let the lecturer off. The level of acquaintanceship between the admin staff and you is still lower than the admin staff and the lecturers.

To worsen things, they had to do an electronic feedback that wouldn’t even have any human contact. Sometimes I have the impression that electronic feedback is yet another great way to consolidate angry (and funny) comments to during the twelve-to-one lunchtime.

If you want candid feedback, speak to me. These surveys just doesn’t work out for me.

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