My web host, Slicehost, has been acquired by Rackspace.

Big news – Rackspace and Slicehost

What an amazing day for Slicehost and our customers! Our acquistion by Rackspace has been announced and we couldn’t be more excited. Jason and I started Slicehost two years ago and it grew beyond our wildest dreams.

We believe that Slicehost and Rackspace are fantastic complements to each other. Our technology strengthens their position in the cloud hosting world. Their expertise, experience and resources enable us to improve our product and continue meeting our customers’ needs. Fear not loyal Slicehosters, we promise to keep doing what we’ve always done – listening to you and building a product that solves your problems. (Source: Slicehost)

Who is Rackspace Hosting?

Rackspace, now 10 years old, is one of the most respected companies in our industry and are now on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RAX) after recently going public. Rackspace delivers computing-as-service, striving to make it reliable and affordable. One of the reasons we like Rackspace is because they think like we do… they value their customers above everything else.

I think it’s good news. I’m happy for Slicehost. Rackspace has been reputable in server offerings. Acquiring Slicehost betters Rackspace’s developer relationship and is inline with their cloud hosting ambitions which would compete directly with mights such as Amazon.


Slicehost will be a subsidiary of Rackspace. At the upcoming Rackspace Cloud Hosting event, Slicehost would be announcing larger slices and a price reduction.

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