Ahh, Streetdirectory.com gotten themselves into real big trouble this time. I use Streetdirectory.com pretty often to help myself finding places. There’re websites like Google Maps and all but I always return to Streetdirectory.com for their map because they show the buildings, the bus stops and stuff. It’s unfortunate that they gotten into such trouble.

POPULAR online map StreetDirectory.com has shut down, after the company behind it, Virtual Map, lost its appeal against the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) over copyright infringement last week.

The SLA, which originally issued Virtual Map a licence for its maps of Singapore, sued the company in January 2007 for continuing to use the SLA maps even after the licence had expired.

Virtual Map lost it case in the District Court, and was ordered to stop using the infringing materials. It appealed to the High Court, but lost again.

The site was taken down two days ago, said Virtual Map’s managing director Firdhaus Akbar, but the company is currently working with a set of replacement, non-infringing maps, and hopes to bring the site back online in ‘about two days’.

Mr Ackbar said his company has spent ‘millions’ putting in value-added data like points-of-interest, on top of the maps SLA had provided.

Hat tip and source: Plaktoz

I think previously, Streetdirectory.com went to pursue some people for using their maps on website. They fussed about it and they was some legal issues that they cite – possible of copyright infringement. I am not too clear of what actually happened. Anyway, the Singapore Land Authority pointed out that Streetdirectory.com does not rightfully own the maps too. That was a golden moment actually. It sounds almost silly to stop people from using maps.

The incident went quiet for a while but it seems like Streetdirectory.com themselves will have to be silenced for a little while longer.

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