This is just so annoying. I had to use the vi editor and it’s hard for me. I’ve gotten use to the mouse and backspaces and enter and all the Word shortcuts. To downgrade to this vi editor sucks.

Ten vi editor commands

  1. To insert – a (INS works too it seems)
  2. To insert on new line below the cursor – o
  3. To replace the one character under your cursor – r
  4. Left Down Up RIght – h j k l (Arrow keys works too it seems)
  5. Undo – u
  6. Delete the line – dd
  7. Delete the character on cursor – x
  8. To get out of the Editing mode – ESC
  9. To quit the bloody editor without saving – :q!
  10. To save and quit – :wq

This is by no way the complete list, the complete list have hundreds of commands that only a true geek who reaches the stage of nirvana can remember.

This post is more for my personal note. I encounter editing when using the visudo command.

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