I always find it what telcos do funny. Here is my recent bill from SingTel.

My 5104 dollar singtel bill

Here’s the breakdown if you’re blur and short-sight and can’t see from the nice picture that I posted:

  • 3G Supplementary Data Plan (Promo) – Free [Yay!]
  • Pay-As-U-Roam Subscription – Free [Tis so good is free]
  • BroadBand on Mobile 512 (Promo) – $12.57
  • SmartMessage (Local) – $0.15 [Normal human beings call this SMS or text messages.]
  • BroadBand on Mobile Data Usage – $5104.67
  • BroadBand on Mobile 512-Bundled Value – ($5104.67)Sweating fatty frog

I used to 1,458,474 Kilobytes! A new achievement! Wynn had some internet problems and I lent it to her. I told her to use as much as possible, don’t care about bandwidth. And I waited so long for the bill to come because just to see how the bill looks like.

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