Ah, this is just craps. And it’s embarrassing that it gotten to this blog. I was having my lunch at the downstairs cafeteria and there is this two people who sells me my pasta and sandwiches.

There is an older lady who’s very nice, she always tries to speak English with me. I always wanted to tell her, “Erm, 其实我会讲华语.” (Erm, actually I know mandarin.)

I couldn’t tell her that sometimes and it would sound like an awful joke if, after one year, I tell her I actually know mandarin and she doesn’t have to struggle with English to me.

And then there’s a younger lady who’s quite pretty. I always thought they’re a family. They look quite similar too. And I finally realized that they’re not.

And guess what? The younger lady is actually the lady boss of the store! The older lady is her worker. Wow, I am really surprised. She’s probably 25 and that’s very young to be the owner of a food stall.

I like pasta.

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