Third day straight in Ubuntu. The lack of oxygen and the familiar ALT-Tab interface made breathing hard. Half the population has already been wiped out and an enemy space ship appeared out of no where to hold some of us hostage, I had to sacrifice my brother to escape being a hostage.

Anyway, Ubuntu turned out okay. Most of my annoyance is due to familiarity with Windows.

  • Double clicking on the top-left hand icon did not close my window
  • Yeah, I am still pressing the Windows button 7 times in the day and 12 times when I’m blur at night. Each time I do that I feel stupid, it’s like attempting to push open a door that says ‘Pull’. Intelligence minus 10.
  • Can’t undo a deletion of file easily through Nautilius
  • Whoever told me using Ubuntu is just like Windows hasn’t used either or both of the operating systems.
  • Still pressing F6 in Firefox to highlight the awesome location bar
  • Pidgin doesn’t yet support custom emoticons. I’m sure Uzyn would call this a feature.
  • The default font gives me a headache, I had to change it to Lucida to feel a little better.
  • GIMP… Okay, nevermind that already. It already received enough bashing.
  • I like the most recently used programs to be display on the start menu. Sure I can always put them on my desktop manually but when you’re talking about a better overall experience, the OS ideally should be able to discover the user preference and suit the user without him or her knowing about it.

Windows does almost everything Ubuntu can do. User-interface-wise Ubuntu is still poorer. I hand Ubuntu to my father to use and he prefers Windows. My father touched neither of them. He like the Windows Teletubby land wallpaper and more attractive icons and also says he likes Windows’ Firefox. He somehow didn’t like the Ubuntu one. It’s the colors somehow and I just let him have Windows XP in the end.

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