Okay, some Ubuntu news. Next version of Ubuntu is going to be released real soon. I got the released candidate already. It seems to have killed support for my old graphic card. Maybe there is some problem with the configuration. It’s going to be released on coming Thursday. The following is a news excerpt:

Ubuntu ‘reaping Linux dividend’

A new version of Ubuntu, a version of the Linux OS, is released on Thursday.

Mr Shuttleworth said the success of the Asus Eee PC and the work of the One Laptop Per Child programme had driven awareness of open source.

“There has been a sea change in the way people think of Linux, which is very healthy,” he said.

“We have seen a real shift in the last six months from folks seeing open source as either a super-specialist thing for people who run data centres or as an enthusiast thing, to something which is energising a lot of the straight commercial PC industry,” said Mr Shuttleworth.

‘Most significant’

He described the latest version of Ubuntu, dubbed Hardy Heron, as “perhaps our most significant ever”.

Hardy Heron also has improved support for multimedia, including photo editing, music sharing and video playback, he said.

“Instead of re-partitioning your hard drive and taking some fairly risky steps, effectively you can now install under Windows without modifying your system.” (Source: BBC News)

I’ll probably get to installing Ubuntu after the examinations. And by the time, I hope it would be much more stable and be ready for a server install. I’m getting a VPS (virtual private server I think) coming June.


And I think I’m not ditching Media Temple that soon. They’re running a Django program, I’m on more of a wait-and-see status. I just tried their beta program. The deployment is pretty easy. Unfortunately, they give a bunch of bad gateway error messages. Hopefully those would be resolved soon. Media Temple is the host for the Django Project.

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