I’ve been using Ubuntu more these couple of weeks. The bonus is that it feels a little faster. I also managed to install Ubuntu “The Intrepid Ibex” 8.10 into my netbook. I own an Acer AspireOne with the Intel Atom N270. (Trust me I know little what I am babbling.)

Previously I had Hardy Heron installed and it didn’t work too well. Several hardware fail to work out of the box and I’m not the kinda person good at configuring Linux. But the Intrepid Ibex has been great. Most hardware worked after the install with the exception of the wireless module. The fix is easy though you require an existing LAN point to download the new driver.

I installed all the necessaries like NetBeans and the Dust theme. Also installed Sun’s Java.

Screenshot of NetBeans IDE 6.5

(Screenshot of NetBeans IDE 6.5 with Dust theme. Call me blind, but I always work with a font size that huge. I manage to get Consolas into Ubuntu too.)

Sound is working but it’s almost inaudible so I would say that sound isn’t working at all. The earphone socket doesn’t appear to be working too. I couldn’t fix that but I can’t give a damn. I’m just pleased NetBeans is working and I can use the internet.

And yeah, I also experienced a freeze up once but couldn’t reproduce the situation.

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