I’ve been working a little more in Ubuntu these days. I found it to be slightly faster. Especially with the performance of NetBeans. It’s a joy to work with NetBeans. In Windows Vista, it’s shit slow. I don’t know why, it’s probably due to all the overheads from the services launched during start up.

I feel lighter now.

The funny thing is that I got more productive in Ubuntu not because it’s a better platform in terms of functionality but just because there are lesser distractions. Most of my leisure stuff are in Windows Vista. I use Windows Live Messenger so often there. In Ubuntu I don’t like Pidgin and I miss my custom emoticons, hehe1.

Monkey hehe emoticon

I auto-hide the rather useless bottom panel which only use twice a day and rely most on keyboard shortcuts. I also enabled the Windowlist screenlet and use it as a taskbar replacement.

Ubuntu’s still hard to use

  • I hate exploring my folders so I don’t explore folders much any more.
  • There’re too many clicks involve in organizing my files so I never download anything any more.
  • Finding music in my Windows hard disk through Ubuntu is so hard and I don’t know how to create a link to directly link to me the folder.


But I love the way that it’s so different and I couldn’t do things the way I do in Windows Vista. There’s just so much lesser distraction. The other day an acquaintance wanted to show me some BitTorrent stuff in Ubuntu, I bravely said “No!”

Nah, it’s not part of my anti-piracy effort. I don’t want distractions. I still love the Vista operating system. I just Ubuntu better these days as it lets me focus on my work more.

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