This made me laugh, sorry I couldn’t reduce the length. Reducing any parts weakens the effect of the following:

Not to be Confused with the Abstract F*cktory Pattern

Recently I (a Java architect) and one of our IT managers were interviewing a guy for a Java developer position. He was pretty bright, but unfortunately English was his second (or perhaps even third) language.

It was the usual interview story, asking the guy to tell us about the system that he’s currently working on. He went on to describe in some detail their Hibernate persistence layer, how they used Spring, and how their business layer worked. I was very impressed with his knowledge.

Then he said “and this is where we used the f*ckhead pattern.”


Regaining my composure, I asked what was on everyone’s mind. “The what?”

“The f*ckhead pattern” was the response, enunciated perfectly.

…prolonged silence…

After taking a few moments to think of how to phrase the question, I finally asked “…would you mind spelling that for us?”

“F-A-C-A-D-E. F*ckhead.” he replied.

I had to bite my tongue not to laugh. You couldn’t make up stuff like this. Despite the hilarity of the situation, he was actually very sharp technically, so we ended up offering him the job. (Source: DailyWTF)

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