I just realized what does those short codes that Intel have mean. They have things like P9500, T9400 and SP9400. Never understood what they meant. These generally apply for the Montevina chip sets to arrive this May.

  • QX: Mobile or desktop quad-core extreme performance (Over 40W)
  • X: Mobile or desktop dual-core extreme performance (Over 40W)
  • T: Mobile highly energy efficient (30-39W)
  • P: Mobile power optimized energy efficient higher performance (20-29W)
  • L: Mobile highly energy efficient (12-19W)
  • U: Mobile ultra high energy efficient (Less or equal to 11.9W)
  • SP: Mobile small package power optimized energy efficient higher performance (20-29W)
  • SL: Mobile small package highly energy efficient (12-19W)
  • SU: Mobile small package ultra high energy efficient (Lessor equal to 11.9W)

I think this is helpful for me for my September shopping trip – to buy a new notebook. (Source: DarkVision Hardware)

I’m probably going for the medium voltage Penryns maybe P9500. I’m looking forward to Centrino 2 (Montevina) coming this June too. I procrastinated for a year to buy a notebook, it’s about time…

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