I meant this as a what-did-i-do-today post but it seems like by the time I actually gather myself to type this things… Well, it’s passed 12 already. So this is a what-i-did-yesterday post.

Coding with CakePHP (PHP)

My work involves writing PHP codes. I don’t really like the syntax now that I see Python. I still don’t like the braces all over. But well… I kinda have more confidence in that. I did some work with Ruby and honestly, I think I really should stick with PHP.


Coding with Django (Python)

Oh I did a bit of learning today. Learning Django has been fun. I looked at their documentation, the developers are just amazing. So much thought has been given to the DRY principle and Django sort of enforces you to do that to a certain extend to.

My next project will be in Python/Django. It’s more of a personal project actually. But it would be interesting to see how it can work with my current company’s product. Erm… Yeah, after the examinations.

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