This is kinda sad:

Free downgrade to Windows XP Professional Singapore

(Free downgrade to Windows XP Professional Singapore.)

Honestly, I prefer Vista but many people are apparently thinking otherwise. Where’s Mojave Experiment? One, two, three, everyone pronounce – “Mo-har-vay”. Oh, so it’s not “mojo”.

Mojo Jojo powerpuff girls

Mojo Jojo.

There was this guy who was skeptical that Windows Mojave is Windows Vista. When told, he calmly (and skeptically) remarked, “then why is it faster?” Windows Vista is not slower, but it is not faster either. It feels faster as much of research on perception is apparently being applied into Vista. Plus, it’s a fast HP computer anyway.

I like the Mojave Experiment, it proves how quickly people accept things without trying first. Mojave is a good marketing move. The rest of Vista marketing is largely a failure.

Microsoft fails to identify the need for people to switch over.

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