Published on April 13, 2008

blog work

I have a blog already, so why have another one? (Question I ask myself a week ago.)

The previous blog has been a great learning experience. Some of the things that I didn’t expect that I would learn are:

  • Web design – Admittedly, I’m not really good at that but it’s improving for sure. Polished my “design sense”. It was real bad in the past.
  • PHP – I learnt PHP through trying to customize my layout
  • Web servers – Apache mainly.
  • Internet marketing, search engine optimization – I spent quite a lot of time, using all sorts of tricks to popularize my blog.
  • Advertising – Converting visitors into some cash. It started off to cover my web hosting. But it has become an unexpected income for me.
  • Something – I find that I become more and more aware of what people like to read, and what people would not like to read. I feel I can somehow predict what to blog and how best to blog to not get flamed.

Unfortunately, many of my posts there aren’t really reflective of what I want to blog. I always had the problem of people getting upset over what I blog. It can even be a mere mention of a name or perhaps complaining about a product. I used to take people’s comments quite seriously and I get upset when people get angry with any blog posts I have. I blogged based on what I think people want to see.

There is little ‘I’ in that blog. I just kinda missed it. I considered the option of just changing the direction of that blog, realigning it to what I like and enjoy. I planned for to, in addition of all the non-personalized content that exists, add more ‘I’ into it. And that was when I (just) realized that what I really should do is to have a totally new blog.

The new blog (this blog) will consists of the following:

  1. Work – My work revolves around programming. It’s funny because I didn’t like that very much in the past. Now I’m okay with that. What drives me to work are people’s reactions when they see an end product. Hopefully it would benefit them.
  2. Tutorials – I never had formal programming training. It’s all self-explored and it was really hard. One thing I like to see is more articles for beginners. But they really isn’t much for the beginners, most people prefer writing the intermediate and advance stuff thinking that beginners can just take and adopt the codes or something. I always wanted someone to explain to me how the things get pieced up together in the past.
  3. My life and my thoughts – The huge portion that I missed in my previous blog. I want to bring it back, making a blog that is more for friends and like-minded people instead of a blog that Google Images loves to index. I think a lot about things, perhaps a little too much sometimes. I wish to archive these thoughts.

I try to post lesser random websites here. Those should continue to stick at my old blog. It’s really good there and a good amount of people visit there for, erm, distractions. So basically, more serious or personal stuff goes here. And the others stay there.

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