A month back, I talked to a friend I shall call Joel since his name is really Joel anyway. We had a short geek talk and he asked me if I have any knowledge on open-source projects.

“I only know how to use them, I don’t code for them,” I answered.

He continues, “but do you know of any open source project that is worth my time?”

“Well, it sort of depends on what you like…”

He interrupts, “It doesn’t matter, I want to join a project that is popular.”


And he elaborates to me, “If you want to join an open source project, should join one that is popular then can gain recognition.”

That was a sad moment for me. I shrugged and suggested “erm, maybe can try Firefox.”

On a side note, Uzyn is excited that CakePHP 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is out. I’ve been longing to consume the release candidate. Great work CakePHP team! I love your work.

Fruity birthday cake with kiwi mango and strawberry

Ahh, just some random picture of a cake I took.

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