This is just funny, read on:

iPhone is sexist

Women With Long Finger Nails Complaining That iPhone Is Sexist

…according to an article published in the Los Angeles Times, that’s the claim being made by many women who believe the iPhone is unfairly designed to be completely unusable by those of the fairer sex with long fingernails.

Every application within the iPhone was specifically designed to be accessible with your fingertip. The touchscreen detects your body’s electrical charge when it comes in contact with the device, enabling it to determine where you pressed. As a result, fingernails (especially of the glued-on variety) tend to get in the way while using the iPhone, which is irritating some women profusely.

Some women are calling for the iPhone to be redesigned to include stylus-control capability… (via Switched)


Well, if iPhone is sexist, we can make a device that outputs electric charge to act as a stylus. I haven’t heard a man complain that the PDA is sexist just because he sees a lady navigating with her fingernails. And you know what, I think the piano is sexist too. Too long, can’t play.

And anyway, who passed the law that no woman can cut their nails? This is the funniest news all day.

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