These days I’ve been taking pictures of almost everything. I could, possibly, be a photo journalist one day with the amount of pictures that I am taking. I took pictures of food. The following is Ridzuan’s favorite Hello Panda food. He finishes half a box and his eye lids are heavier than those of pandas.

Widgeous pantry room

I work at Widgeous, this is our make-shift pantry room. We don’t lock our food, so far there are no unaccountable food. Snacks that graced Widgeous includes Hello Panda, Kit Kat, Oreo, Lexus, fake Kinder Bueno and more. Ridzuan is probably our unofficial chief pantry officer. I like biting on pandas.

Three years back I was talking about mobile phone with inbuilt cameras with Gowri. And she raved how useful and great the idea is to place a camera in the mobile phone. I said it was just a fad and it’ll go away after a couple of years. Today… Well…

You’re right Gowri. And I’m addicted. I don’t snap pictures of people, but I snap a lot of pictures of animals and objects.

Almost all the pictures in this blog is taken on Samsung U600 which has the tendency of being overexposed, dully-colored and its 3.2 megapixel looked like 1.6 megapixel with a 2x digital zoom. But Photoshop always saves the day. I got this custom action just to re-adjust the colors back.

samsung u600

With the phone camera, I took pictures of things I find odd and post it up. It takes a bit of time for sure but I am beginning to feel a need to archive my memories. I only take pictures when I am out of my house, and when I’m out of my house I’m usually eating. So you see lots of food photographs such as the one above.

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