I wasn’t really confident before the test with my falling eye lids and my sucky memory. The questions turned out to be easier than I thought.

The rules are:

  • Be super nicey to pedestrians and your driving peers
  • Horn? We love our neighbors. If there is an option that says you supposed to wind down your window and greet your driving peers – that probably is the correct answer.
  • No reckless driving
  • If the question is about punishment and you didn’t study, choose the maximum, it’s more likely right than wrong.
  • Left is the right answer. Keep left in Singapore

More questions are rather common sense, it’s not hard to pick the answer that looked most right.

One down. Now it’s all the practical stuff which is a lot harder than I thought. It’s even harder when the instructor starts talking to you and you try to process what he says without crashing into a tree. It’s high level coordination you know.

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