Ate at Sakura International buffet today. Wasn’t really hungry yesterday, the meal I had at Pastamania has yet to be fully digested. I had this Teriwasa Tori at Funan with Martin and Ronald-chan.

Pastamani teriwasa tori pasta at Funan

I shouldn’t have had the Teriwasa Tori, after all I had Nasi Biryani for lunch with the Widgeous guys at a late hour. Actually not really ‘with’. I bought Nasi Biryani with Irene earlier but forgot the curry. I almost had to eat Nasi Biryani without curry. Went back Sixth Avenue and watch Widgeous guys eat and came back office to eat mine.

Anyway, I drifted. Oh, I saw Chun Boon lying atop Narnia yesterday at MPH yesterday with Ronald-chan:

Spongbob Patrick lies atop Narnia

Today is my secondary school gathering. The turn out was better than expected – around fifteen people. Those whom I know include Desmond, Jasmine, Jenny, Jing Wen, Melody and Mr. Tan. (We probably have 100,000 Mr. Tans in Singapore, the Mr. Tan I refer to teaches Physics, so that would narrow down to about 400 I presume.)

We went to Sakura International buffet at the Singapore Science Centre. Like I say earlier, I wasn’t really hungry. It’s good to see everyone again, even those whose names I can’t recall. I’m bad with names but I recognize faces.

Here’s an old friend I met at Singapore Science Centre. We were good pals 65 million years ago, now we don’t hang out any more.

Dinosaur Trex Singapore Science Centre

I met Wei Xiang at Jurong East again. We talked a while and I give the most appropriate farewell phrase – ‘see you around’.

[Yes I realized it’s a horrid title.]

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